April 29, 2024

What's the process for launching and tracking an affiliate marketing campaign in HubSpot?

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Step 1: Set Up the Affiliate Program

  • Define your affiliate program's goals.
  • Decide on commission structures (flat rate, percentage, tiered, etc.).
  • Outline program terms and conditions.

Step 2: Create a Dedicated Affiliate Signup Landing Page

  • Use HubSpot's landing page builder to design an attractive page.
  • Include details about your affiliate program: commission rates, payment details, and promotional materials.
  • Add a signup form to collect prospective affiliate details.

Step 3: Create Affiliate Tracking Links

  • Use HubSpot’s tracking URL builder.
  • Generate unique tracking URLs for each affiliate to monitor their referrals.

Step 4: Develop Promotional Materials for Affiliates

  • Create banners, email templates, and other promotional materials affiliates can use.
  • Store these materials on a dedicated resource page or deliver them via email.

Step 5: Automate Onboarding Emails

  • Use HubSpot’s email automation tools.
  • Design a sequence of onboarding emails to guide affiliates, providing them with their tracking links, promotional materials, and tips for success.

Step 6: Monitor Affiliate Activity

  • Regularly check the performance of tracking URLs in HubSpot.
  • Assess which affiliates are generating the most conversions, traffic, or other key metrics.

Step 7: Set Up Automatic Notifications

  • Use HubSpot’s workflows to notify you of significant affiliate milestones, e.g., when an affiliate achieves a particular number of conversions.
  • Configure notifications for affiliates, e.g., congratulatory messages for milestones achieved.

Step 8: Integrate Payments (if not done externally)

  • While HubSpot doesn’t handle payments directly, consider integrating with a payment platform.
  • Automate the payment process based on the terms defined (monthly, after reaching a threshold, etc.).

Step 9: Regularly Communicate with Affiliates

  • Use HubSpot’s email tools to maintain regular communication.
  • Share news, updates, promotional opportunities, and success stories to keep affiliates engaged.

Step 10: Analyze & Optimize the Program

  • Dive deep into HubSpot analytics to assess the overall performance of the affiliate program.
  • Adjust commission structures, promotional materials, or other program details based on insights gathered.

Step 11: Scale & Expand

  • Based on the program's success, consider recruiting more affiliates.
  • Expand promotional materials and offer incentives or contests to motivate affiliates.