July 1, 2024

What is the Difference Between GoHighLevel's Plans

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When it comes to selecting a plan from GoHighLevel, it's essential to understand the distinct features and capabilities each level offers to ensure you choose the best fit for your business needs. GoHighLevel provides a range of plans geared towards marketing agencies, businesses and enterprises, with scaling functionalities to match your growth trajectory.

Agency Starter Account

The Agency Starter Account is the gateway to GoHighLevel's ecosystem, designed for small marketing agencies or individual marketers starting to venture into the world of white-labeled services. This account allows users to manage up to three client accounts simultaneously. Key features include CRM functionalities, marketing automation, reporting tools, and funnel & website builders. It's an excellent starting point for newcomers to get familiar with GoHighLevel’s platform.

Agency Unlimited Account

For more established agencies that require greater capacity, the Agency Unlimited Account unlocks limitless potential. As the name suggests, it gives you an unlimited number of client accounts, making it ideal for businesses eyeing exponential growth. Additional to the features included in the Starter, the Unlimited offers a white-label desktop app, API access, and enhanced customization options. This plan is tailored for agencies with an extensive client base and the need for broader integration and branding capabilities.

White Label Account

The pinnacle of GoHighLevel's offerings is the White Label Account, which incorporates all the perks of the Agency Unlimited Account with the benefit of a fully branded mobile app. This option gives agencies the ability to offer a branded customer-facing app, offering their clients a unique marketing and CRM tool under their own brand. It's a quintessential package for agencies that have matured in the space and want to elevate their client engagement through branded experiences.

In conclusion, the differentiation among GoHighLevel's plans lies in the balance of features, customization, and client management capacities. The Agency Starter Account is best for smaller agencies or individuals, the Agency Unlimited Account catres to growing businesses looking for scalability without constraints, and the White Label Account provides a full-suite branded solution for top-tier agencies. Evaluating current needs and future growth ambitions will guide your choice in selecting the appropriate GoHighLevel plan for your organization.

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