July 1, 2024

What is Make.com's Error Handling

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Error handling is a critical component of managing automated workflows within the Make.com platform (formerly Integromat). Make.com offers robust tools to help users identify and troubleshoot issues within their automation scenarios. Here's how to effectively use Make.com's error handling to maintain seamless operations.

Understand Make.com Error Types

Make.com categorizes errors into two main types: "soft" and "hard" errors. Soft errors are temporary issues, like a server being momentarily unavailable, which Make.com will automatically retry. Hard errors, on the other hand, are permanent issues, such as incorrect configuration or authentication failures, that require user intervention.

Identifying Errors

Errors in Make.com are flagged up within the scenario execution history. When a module in a scenario encounters an error, it turns red, and an error message appears. By clicking on the error module, you can view the details of the issue. Paying attention to these messages is key in determining the root cause and the next course of action.

Using Error Handlers

Make.com provides error handlers that allow you to define custom responses to errors. You can set an error handler by clicking on the wrench icon on any module and selecting "Set up error handler." Here, you can choose to ignore that error, retry the module, or execute another series of modules to handle the error.

Error Handling Best Practices

To manage errors effectively:

  1. Review Logs Regularly: Regularly check your scenario execution history for errors and warnings.
  2. Implement Error Warnings: Set up notifications using tools like email modules within your error handling scenarios to get alerted when errors occur.
  3. Test Scenarios: Use Make.com's "Run once" feature to test scenarios and identify issues before they affect live data.
  4. Use Filters and Routers: Implement filters and routers to guide the data flow and avoid potential errors due to unexpected input.

Learning from Errors

When faced with errors, resolve them promptly, but also take note of what went wrong. Over time, this will help you build more robust and reliable scenarios.


Make.com's error handling is designed to empower users to handle issues efficiently without needing to halt entire workflows. By understanding the types of errors, utilizing error handlers, following best practices, and learning from the errors, you can ensure that your automated processes are resilient and reliable.

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