May 1, 2024

What is's App Directory logo, formerly known as Integromat, is an advanced online automation platform that helps people to connect their favorite apps and services to create complex workflows, without needing to write any code. One of the crucial components that powers the flexibility and vast capabilities of this platform is the's App Directory. But what exactly is this directory, and how can it enhance your automation experience?

Discovering the App Directory

The app directory on is essentially the hub where all available applications, tools, and services that can be integrated with are listed. Whether you're looking to automate social media posts, manage emails, or synchronize file storage services, the app directory is your starting point. It encompasses a wide range of categories including CRM, eCommerce, project management, and much more.

Exploring Endless Possibilities

Upon diving into the app directory, you're presented with an extensive list of apps, each with its own set of triggers, actions, and pre-made templates that can be used to create automation scenarios. A trigger is an event within an app that starts an automation while an action is an event that can perform in an app as part of an automation.

For example, when a new row is added to a Google Sheet (trigger), an automated email can be sent via Gmail (action). This powerful combination unlocks endless possibilities allowing for a seamless flow of information between platforms, cutting down on the need for manual data entry and oversight.

Leveraging Pre-made Templates

One of the standout features of's app directory is the access to hundreds of pre-made automation templates. These templates are created by the community or sourced from common use cases that can inspire or serve as a starting point for one’s unique workflow needs. Using these templates can fast-track the process of setting up your automations and give you insights into what's possible across the vast sea of app integrations.

Customizing Your Automation

While navigating through the app directory, you can select apps that you regularly use or explore new ones to enhance your workflows. Each app comes with unique and customizable modules that can be dragged and dropped into your workflow scenario. These modules allow for detailed customization to ensure that your automation works precisely the way you need it to, catering to your personal or business goals.

Conclusion’s App Directory is an integral part of the automation experience, providing a gateway to interconnectivity between a multitude of apps and services. It serves as a catalyst for creating effortless workflows that can drive productivity and innovation across various platforms. By exploring the App Directory, you can harness the power of automation to the fullest—turning your complex tasks into automated, time-saving systems.