May 19, 2024

What is Pricing? logo, previously known as Integromat, has transitioned into a dynamic automation platform that allows individuals and businesses alike to connect apps and streamline complex processes without extensive coding knowledge. Understanding's pricing structure is critical for users who want to integrate various web services effectively and efficiently. offers a tiered pricing structure to accommodate a wide range of needs and preferences. Starting with a free plan, users can explore the basic features of the platform, which include a limited number of operations and data transfer capabilities per month. This is perfect for individuals or small businesses looking to automate simple tasks without significant investment.

For those in need of more robust automation, has paid plans that expand on the functionalities available in the free tier. The paid options are as follows:

  1. Basic Plan - This plan is an upgrade from the free tier, offering an increased number of operations and data transfer limits. It's designed for users needing more capacity and some additional features but not necessarily the full suite of professional tools.

  2. Standard Plan - The Standard Plan suits growing businesses requiring more operations and data volume. It also introduces new features like multi-step integrations and extended history logs. This tier is tailored for medium-sized businesses that need more power and flexibility.

  3. Professional Plan - Aimed at large businesses and power users, the Professional Plan significantly raises the caps on operations and data transfers. Users benefit from advanced tools and the ability to manage and monitor team workflow, making it suitable for more comprehensive automation processes.

  1. Enterprise Plan - The Enterprise Plan is customized to suit the specific needs of an organization. It includes all the benefits of the lower tiers while offering premium support, tailored execution limits, and personalized training sessions. Prices are typically custom-quoted based on the organization's requirements.

  2. Advisor Plan - The Advisor Plan offers benefits to consultants and advisers who wish to sell managed or consulting services built around's capabilities. This plan allows for account management and white-labelling options.

Each tier above the free plan also grants access to premium apps, which are integrations with certain specialized services that are not available under the free plan. As you move up the tiers, more premium apps and features become available.

It is important to note that the pricing of each plan scales with usage. This means if your monthly operations or data transfer exceeds the limit of your current plan, additional costs will apply, or you'll need to upgrade to a higher plan to accommodate your needs.

In conclusion, provides a scalable pricing structure that allows users to start off without financial commitments and gradually move up as their automation needs grow. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a CTO of a multinational corporation, has a pricing plan designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow.