May 19, 2024

How to Use for Marketing logo, formerly known as Integromat, is a versatile automation tool that lets you connect apps and automate workflows, saving you time and resources. Marketers can leverage to optimize their campaigns and drive better results. In this guide, we'll explore how to use for effective marketing.

Step 1: Sign Up and Explore the Dashboard

Begin by creating an account on Once signed up, familiarize yourself with the dashboard. It’s where you'll be able to manage your scenarios (automated workflows), view logs, access templates, and manage connections to various services.

Step 2: Connect Your Apps

To start automating your marketing processes, link to your marketing tools. This could include social media platforms, CRM software, email marketing services, or analytics tools. Go to 'Services,' search for your apps, and connect them by providing the necessary permissions.

Step 3: Create Your First Scenario

Click on the 'Scenarios' section and hit 'Create a new scenario.' You'll be presented with a visual editor where you can design your workflow. Think about a repetitive marketing task you want to automate, such as posting on social media or segmenting email subscribers.

Step 4: Select Triggers and Actions

Every scenario consists of at least one trigger and one or more actions. A trigger is an event that starts the automation, and an action is what follows. For instance, a trigger could be receiving a new lead in your CRM, and the corresponding action might be sending a welcome email.

Step 5: Test and Refine Your Scenario

Once you've set up your triggers and actions, test the scenario to ensure it works as planned. provides a 'Run Once' button to do just that. If something doesn't work, tweak your scenario until it functions seamlessly.

Step 6: Activate and Monitor Your Scenario

After testing and refining, activate your scenario. It will run automatically according to the schedule you've set. You can track its performance and make adjustments as needed from the logs section of your dashboard.

Step 7: Scale Your Automations

Explore additional features like filters, routers, and aggregators to refine your workflows as you become more comfortable with the platform. With advanced automations, you can create complex workflows that align perfectly with your marketing goals.

Using for marketing facilitates the creation of highly personalized and refined campaigns by allowing different marketing tools to work together smoothly. You’ll be able to automate mundane tasks, free up time for creative work, and enhance your overall marketing efficiency. Start by automating simple tasks and progressively build your way up to complex marketing automation workflows. Embracing this tool can lead to advanced campaign management and a remarkable improvement in your marketing outcomes.