June 30, 2024

How to Share an Airtable Base

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Sharing an Airtable base with colleagues or friends is a straightforward process that facilitates seamless collaboration. Whether you're managing a project, organizing an event, or simply keeping track of personal tasks, Airtable's sharing capabilities are designed to enhance productivity. Here's how to share your Airtable base:

Step 1: Access Your Airtable Base
Firstly, sign in to your Airtable account and navigate to the workspace containing the base you want to share. Open the base to view its contents.

Step 2: Decide on the Permissions Level
Consider the level of access you want to provide to the collaborators. Airtable offers several permission levels:

  • Owner: Full control over the base, including the ability to share and delete the base.
  • Creator: Can create, edit, and comment on items, share the base, and invite new collaborators but cannot delete the base.
  • Editor: Can edit and comment on items.
  • Commenter: Can only comment on items.
  • Read-only: Can only view the base but cannot make any changes.

Step 3: Share the Base
Look for the "Share" button, which is usually located at the top-right of the base interface. Click on it to open the sharing settings.

Step 4: Invite Collaborators
In the sharing settings dialog, you'll see an option to input email addresses. Type the email addresses of the individuals you wish to share the base with. Choose the appropriate permission level for each collaborator.

Step 5: Add a Message (Optional)
You can include a personal message with the invitation to give context to the recipients about the base or any instructions regarding its use.

Step 6: Send Invitations
After adding all the collaborators and choosing their permission levels, click the "Send Invite" button. Each collaborator will receive an email with a link to access the base.

Step 7: Manage Collaborators
Post-sharing, you can manage collaborators by clicking on the "Share" button again. Here you can adjust permission levels, remove access, or resend invitations.

Tips for Collaborating in Airtable:

  • Utilize Airtable's comments and @mention features to communicate effectively within the base itself.
  • Regularly review who has access to the base and adjust permissions as needed.
  • Keep in mind that Owners and Creators can add or remove collaborators, so assign these roles with discretion.

Sharing your Airtable base is as simple as that! By following the steps outlined above, you can easily collaborate with others and make the most of Airtable's powerful organizational tools.

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