July 1, 2024

How to Send SMS Through GoHighLevel

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Sending SMS messages through GoHighLevel is an effective way to maintain communication with your clients and leads. GoHighLevel is a comprehensive marketing and CRM platform that allows you to engage with your audience through various channels, including SMS. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to send an SMS through GoHighLevel:

Step 1: Log In to Your GoHighLevel Account

To start sending SMS messages, you need to log in to your GoHighLevel account. If you don't have an account yet, sign up by visiting the GoHighLevel website and choosing a suitable subscription plan.

Step 2: Navigate to the Contacts Section

Once logged in, navigate to the left sidebar and click on the "Contacts" section. This is where you manage the individuals you wish to communicate with via SMS.

Step 3: Select or Add a Contact

Choose a contact from your list to whom you want to send an SMS. If the desired contact isn’t on your list, add them by clicking the "Add Contact" button and filling in the necessary details, ensuring you include a valid mobile phone number.

Step 4: Go to the Conversations Tab

With your contact selected, navigate to the "Conversations" tab located at the top of the contact's profile. This will open the messaging interface where you can send and receive SMS messages.

Step 5: Compose Your SMS Message

In the messaging interface, you will find a text box for composing your message. Type in your SMS content, keeping in mind it should be concise and clear. For mass messaging, GoHighLevel allows you to create templates to save time.

Step 6: Send the SMS Message

After composing your message, simply click the "Send" button. Your SMS will be delivered to the contact's mobile phone number on file. If you've set up SMS campaigns, ensure that you've scheduled your messages appropriately.

Step 7: Monitor and Respond to Replies

Stay active in the "Conversations" tab to monitor any replies from your contacts. GoHighLevel enables two-way communication, allowing you to promptly respond to any messages, fostering better engagement.

Points to Remember:

  • Ensure compliance with SMS marketing laws and obtain consent from your contacts before sending SMS messages.
  • Personalize your messages for better response rates.
  • Use SMS strategically, and do not overwhelm your contacts with too many messages.

By following these steps, you can efficiently use GoHighLevel to send personalized SMS messages to your contacts, thus improving your marketing efforts and fostering strong customer relationships. SMS messaging is a powerful tool in your communication arsenal, make sure to use it wisely and within the bounds of best practices and regulations.

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