May 1, 2024

How to Schedule Operations on logo, formerly known as Integromat, is a powerful online automation tool that allows users to connect apps and automate workflows with ease. Scheduling operations is one of the key features that can help you automate tasks based on specific timing. Here's a step-by-step approach on how to schedule operations on

Step 1: Sign Up or Log In to

If you haven't already, create an account on or log in to your existing account to get started.

Step 2: Create a New Scenario

Click the “Create a new scenario” button from the dashboard. A scenario is a sequence of modules (apps or services) that you want to automate.

Step 3: Choose Your Apps and Services

Select and add the apps or services you want to include in your scenario. offers a wide range of integrations, so choose the ones that suit your workflow.

Step 4: Define the Trigger

For scheduling operations, set the first module to be a time-based trigger. Look for the “Schedule” or “Clock” trigger when selecting the module. This will act as the start point for your operation.

Step 5: Configure the Schedule

After selecting the “Schedule” module, configure it to define when and how often the operation should run. You can set it to run at intervals (e.g., every hour, daily, weekly) or at a specific time and date.

Step 6: Set Up the Action Steps

Following the trigger, add the action modules you want to execute. These can be anything from sending emails, posting on social media, or processing data. Configure each action according to your needs.

Step 7: Test Your Scenario

Before fully activating the scenario, use the “Run once” button to test it. This helps to ensure that the operations perform as intended.

Step 8: Activate Your Scenario

If the test runs successfully, activate your scenario by switching the toggle button to "ON". Your operations are now scheduled to run automatically according to the timing you've set.

Step 9: Monitor Your Operations

Keep an eye on your scenario's execution log. This will help you understand if the scheduled operations are running smoothly and allow you to troubleshoot any issues.

Remember to save your scenario and check back periodically to ensure that everything is running as expected. Scheduling operations on is simple and helps you stay organized and efficient by automating repetitive tasks. Enjoy harnessing the power of automation to streamline your processes and save time!