May 1, 2024

How to Create Workflows on logo

Creating workflows on (formerly Integromat) can greatly enhance your productivity by automating repetitive tasks and integrating various apps and services. Whether you're looking to connect your email to a spreadsheet or automate social media posts, Make is a powerful tool that can cater to your needs. Here's how to get started:

  1. Sign Up or Log In: To begin, sign up for a new account on or log in if you already have one.

  2. Start a New Scenario: Once you're logged in, click on Scenarios from the main menu, then click the Create a new scenario button.

  3. Choose Your Apps: has a vast library of services and apps you can connect. Look for and select the app you need for your workflow. You can add multiple apps by clicking the plus (+) sign in the scenario editor.

  1. Configure Triggers: Triggers are conditions that initiate your workflow. Drag the chosen app on the scenario editor and select the trigger (e.g., when a new email is received). You might need to connect your account with Make by logging in and granting permissions.

  2. Add Actions: Following the trigger, you set up actions – these are the tasks that are performed when the trigger condition is met. For example, add a new row to a spreadsheet when you get a new email. Each action might have its own set of configuration options to tailor it to your specific need.

  3. Set Up Filters and Logic: You can control the flow of your workflows by adding filters or logic. This will determine under what conditions a certain action will occur. Logic elements can include routers, iterators, aggregators, and more.

  1. Fine-tune with Tools: offers tools like arrays, text parsers, and data stores to manage and manipulate data within your workflow. Utilize these tools to handle more complex tasks.

  2. Test Your Workflow: Testing is vital before you finalize your workflow. Click on the Run once button to manually trigger the workflow to make sure everything works as expected.

  3. Save and Schedule: Once you've confirmed that your workflow operates correctly, save your scenario by clicking on the floppy disk icon. Then, you can schedule your scenario to run at specific intervals – from minutes to days.

  1. Activate Your Workflow: Finally, activate your workflow by switching the scheduling toggle from OFF to ON. Your workflow will now automatically run according to your schedule.

Remember, you can go back and edit your workflows at any time to make adjustments. With practice, you'll be able to create complex workflows that can perform multiple actions across different applications, fully automating processes and freeing up your time for more important tasks.