July 1, 2024

How to Create Forms in Make.com

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Make.com is a powerful automation platform that allows you to connect apps and automate workflows. Forms play a crucial part in gathering information and triggering automated workflows. Here's how you can create forms in Make.com:

1. Access Make.com and Choose the Right Module:

Begin by logging into your Make.com account. Navigate to the dashboard to start a new scenario. Make.com does not have a native form builder, but it allows you to integrate third-party services like Google Forms, Typeform, or JotForm. Choose the one that suits your needs by adding it as a module in your scenario.

2. Select Your Form Building Service:

Let’s say you choose Google Forms for this example. In the 'Add a new module' search bar, type "Google Forms", and select it from the list. You will need to connect your Google account if you haven’t already linked it to Make.com.

3. Create or Select a Form:

If you don’t have an existing form, go ahead and create one in Google Forms. If you already have one, you can select it in the module settings in your scenario. Make sure your form has all the necessary fields to capture the data required for your automation workflow.

4. Setting up Triggers:

In Make.com, you need to set triggers for when the form submission should initiate a scenario. Select the "Watch Responses" trigger which will enable the scenario to run whenever a new form submission is received.

5. Connecting Actions:

Once your form is set up to trigger the scenario, you can now add actions that should happen after a form submission is received. For example, you might want to add the submission to a Google Sheet, send an email, or create a task in a project management tool. Search for and add the appropriate module for each action, then configure them to suit your automation needs.

6. Test Your Form:

Always test your form to ensure that the information flows correctly and triggers all the actions you've set up. Make a test submission; then check if the subsequent actions you’ve set up are executed as expected.

7. Save and Name Your Scenario:

Once you're confident that everything is working correctly, don't forget to save your scenario. Give it a descriptive name for easy reference in the future.

8. Turn on Your Scenario:

Finally, make sure to switch your scenario to "On". Now your form is live and will automatically trigger the workflow you've designed whenever someone submits a response.

Creating forms in Make.com is as simple as integrating with the right form-building app and setting up your triggers and actions properly. With these steps, you can streamline data collection and connect it with your automated processes seamlessly.

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