July 1, 2024

How to Create a Chat Widget in GoHighLevel

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If you're looking to engage website visitors more effectively, adding a chat widget can be a great solution. GoHighLevel offers an intuitive way to create a chat widget that simplifies communication and helps in providing excellent customer service. Here's how you can create a chat widget in GoHighLevel:

Step 1: Access Your GoHighLevel Dashboard

To begin, log into your GoHighLevel account. Once you're in the dashboard, look for the “Sites” or “Funnels” section where you manage your website or landing pages. Here, you'll have the tools to create and manage widgets.

Step 2: Navigate to the Chat Widget Section

Within the Sites or Funnels section, find the option to create or manage chat widgets. This could be labelled differently such as “Chat Settings” or “Messaging”. Click on this option to proceed to the chat widget creation tool.

Step 3: Create a New Chat Widget

You'll likely be presented with the choice to create a new widget. Select this and enter the configuration page where you'll define how your chat widget will look and function. This includes naming your widget for easy identification in the future.

Step 4: Customize Your Widget

Customize the appearance of your chat widget. GoHighLevel provides options to change colors, set your brand logo, and write welcome messages. Adjust these settings to match your brand identity and the tone of voice you want to use when engaging with site visitors.

5: Set Up Triggers and Notifications

Define the conditions or triggers that will make your chat widget appear. For example, you may want it to pop up when a visitor spends a certain amount of time on a page. Also, set up how you'll be notified of new messages—via email, SMS, or directly within the GoHighLong dashboard.

Step 6: Implement Widget Code
Once your widget is ready, GoHighLevel will provide you with a snippet of code. Copy this code and paste it into the HTML of your website, preferably before the closing </body> tag. This integrates your newly created chat widget with your site.

Step 7: Test Your Chat Widget
The final step is to test your chat widget. Visit your website from a user's perspective and check if the chat icon appears as expected. Engage with the chat to confirm that notifications are coming through and that responses can be sent without issue.

Remember to update your widget settings based on user interactions and feedback to continuously improve the experience. With these simple steps, you've added a key feature to your website that enhances user engagement and offers real-time support to your customers.

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