April 29, 2024

How do I use HubSpot's tools to improve the mobile responsiveness of our emails?

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Step 1: Log into Your HubSpot Account

  • Navigate to the official HubSpot website.
  • Enter your credentials and log in.

Step 2: Access the Email Dashboard

  • From the main navigation, hover over the 'Marketing' tab.
  • Click on 'Email'.

Step 3: Create a New Email or Edit an Existing One

  • Click on the 'Create email' button or select an existing email from your dashboard.

Step 4: Choose a Responsive Template

  • HubSpot offers a variety of mobile-responsive templates.
  • Ensure you select a template labeled 'responsive'. This means it's designed to adapt to different screen sizes automatically.

Step 5: Design with Mobile in Mind

  • As you design, keep mobile users at the forefront of your decisions.
  • Avoid using large images that take time to load on mobile.
  • Use concise text to ensure your message is received quickly and clearly.

Step 6: Utilize HubSpot’s Built-in Preview Tool

  • While in the email editor, locate and click on the 'Preview' option.
  • Toggle between 'Desktop' and 'Mobile' views to see how your email looks on different devices.

Step 7: Optimize Image Size and Format

  • Compress images to ensure they load quickly on mobile devices.
  • Use image formats like JPG or PNG which are widely supported and load quickly.

Step 8: Limit the Use of Columns

  • On mobile, multi-column designs can get compressed or appear cluttered.
  • Stick to a single column or use HubSpot’s stackable modules which stack content vertically on mobile.

Step 9: Test CTA Button Sizes

  • Ensure that CTA buttons are easily clickable on mobile. Ideally, they should be at least 44x44 pixels.

Step 10: Use Legible Font Sizes

  • Ensure your text is easily readable on small screens.
  • Aim for at least a 14px font size for body text and 22px for headers.

Step 11: Avoid Embedding Important Content in Images

  • Text within images might not be legible on mobile devices.
  • Instead, overlay text on background images or use separate text modules.

Step 12: Test the Email on Various Devices

  • Before sending the email to your list, send test versions to different mobile devices you have access to.
  • Check for any rendering issues and adjust as needed.

Step 13: Make Use of HubSpot’s Send Test Email Feature

  • Within the email editor, find the 'Actions' or 'Send Test' option.
  • Send the email to yourself or team members to review on various devices and email clients.

Step 14: Analyze and Adapt

  • After sending, use HubSpot's analytics tools to measure mobile engagement.
  • Pay attention to metrics like open rates on mobile devices and adjust your designs based on the data.

Step 15: Continuous Improvement

  • Mobile devices and email clients frequently update. Periodically review and test your emails to ensure they remain mobile-responsive.