April 29, 2024

How do I set up an automated workflow for re-engaging inactive subscribers in Hubspot?

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Step 1: Log Into HubSpot

  • Navigate to your HubSpot account and log in using your credentials.

Step 2: Access Workflow Section

  • From the top navigation bar, hover over "Automation" and then select "Workflows."

Step 3: Create a New Workflow

  • Click on the "Create workflow" button.
  • Select "Start from scratch" and then click "Next."

Step 4: Name Your Workflow

  • Provide a meaningful name for your workflow, such as "Re-engage Inactive Subscribers."

Step 5: Define Your Starting Condition

  • Choose "Contact-based" as the type of workflow.
  • Click on "Set enrollment triggers."
  • Select "Contact Property" and then choose "Last Activity Date."
  • Set the criteria for subscribers you consider inactive, such as "More than 60 days ago."

Step 6: Set Up the Re-engagement Email

  • Click on the "+" icon to add an action.
  • Select "Send Email."
  • Choose an existing re-engagement email template or create a new one with a compelling subject line and message encouraging them to re-engage.

Step 7: Add Personalization

  • Use personalization tokens, such as first name, to make the email feel more tailored to each individual subscriber.

Step 8: Implement a Delay (Optional)

  • After the first email, consider adding a delay action.
  • This could be a delay of a few days or a week before sending a second follow-up email.

Step 9: Add Follow-Up Actions

  • Based on how the contact interacts with the re-engagement email, decide on subsequent actions.
  • If the subscriber opens the email and clicks a link, you might want to shift them back to an active segment.
  • If they don't open the email, consider sending a second re-engagement attempt or offering special incentives.

Step 10: Test the Workflow

  • Click on "Test" and run a few mock scenarios to ensure everything operates as expected.

Step 11: Turn on the Workflow

  • Once satisfied with the workflow setup, click on "Turn on" to activate it.

Step 12: Monitor & Adjust

  • Regularly check the workflow's analytics.
  • Based on its performance, adjust email content, delays, or segmenting criteria for better re-engagement results.