April 29, 2024

How do I set up a referral program using HubSpot's automation tools?

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Step 1: Log into HubSpot

  • Navigate to HubSpot's homepage.
  • Enter your credentials to access your account dashboard.

Step 2: Create a Landing Page for Referral Program

  • Go to "Marketing" on the top navigation bar.
  • Select "Landing Pages."
  • Click on "Create" and choose a template to design your referral program landing page, detailing benefits and instructions for referrals.

Step 3: Set Up a Form for Referral Submissions

  • Navigate to "Marketing" then "Forms."
  • Click "Create form."
  • Design the form to capture necessary details like the referrer's name, the referral's contact info, and any other pertinent data.
  • Embed this form on your referral program landing page.

Step 4: Develop a Thank You Page

  • Create a thank-you page to acknowledge successful referral submissions.
  • This can also instruct referrers on the next steps or offer other engagement opportunities.

Step 5: Navigate to Automation Tools

  • On the main dashboard, hover over "Automation."
  • Select "Workflows."

Step 6: Create a New Workflow

  • Click "Create workflow."
  • Name your workflow (e.g., "Referral Program Automation").
  • Choose "Start from scratch."

Step 7: Set the Enrollment Trigger

  • Click "Set up trigger."
  • Choose "Form submission."
  • Select your referral submission form and the landing page it's on.

Step 8: Send an Acknowledgment Email

  • After setting the trigger, click the "+" icon.
  • Choose "Send an email."
  • Design or select a pre-designed email template thanking the referrer and confirming receipt of the referral.

Step 9: Score or Tag Referrals (Optional)

  • If you wish to prioritize referrals or tag them for segmentation:
  • Click the "+" icon after the email action.
  • Choose "Set contact property value."
  • Adjust contact properties like Lead Score or add a tag such as "Referral."

Step 10: Create Reminder or Follow-up Actions

  • For nurturing:
  • Add a delay (e.g., one week) after the acknowledgment email.
  • Set an action to send a follow-up email or alert a sales team member to engage with the referral.

Step 11: Track Referral Rewards

  • If your program has rewards (like discounts or gifts) for successful referrals:
  • Add actions in the workflow to track conversions from the referral.
  • Once a conversion is noted, automate the process to send the reward to the referrer.

Step 12: Activate the Workflow

  • Once all steps and actions are set up, click on "Review" to check everything.
  • If satisfied, click "Activate" to launch your referral program automation.

Step 13: Monitor and Optimize

  • Regularly check the performance of your referral program.
  • Adjust the workflow or communication strategy based on results and feedback.