July 3, 2024

Migrate from Zapier to Make.com.

Migrate from Zapier to Make.com.

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Client Overview

Our client, a marketing agency providing services for real estate financial brokers, relies heavily on automation to streamline its operations. The company had been using Zapier for its integration and automation needs, managing hundreds of Zaps critical to their business processes. Despite its utility, the client faced challenges with maintaining the system, which carried years of legacy and undocumented workflows.


The client encountered several significant challenges with their existing automation setup on Zapier:

Limited Scalability and Complicated Support: The complex system, consisting of hundreds of Zaps, struggled with scalability. The team faced difficulties promptly reacting to issues and errors, leading to loss of leads and unnecessary friction in processes.

High Costs: Maintaining the Zapier system was costly, running into a few thousand dollars a month while delivering suboptimal performance.

Technical Debt: The system carried a considerable amount of technical debt, with legacy and undocumented workflows complicating maintenance and updates.

Operational Inefficiencies: The team’s inability to quickly address system issues resulted in operational inefficiencies and lost opportunities.

Performance Bottlenecks: The growing volume of tasks exceeded Zapier’s capacity, leading to performance bottlenecks.

Client needed an immediate solution to these problems to align with their growth plans.

Migration Process

Our team proposed a detailed plan to migrate to Make.com, addressing the client's needs for improved scalability, reduced costs, and enhanced operational efficiency. The migration process was outlined as follows:

Assessment and Planning:

  • Conducted a comprehensive review of all existing workflows and automations in Zapier.
  • Identified the workflows that needed to be migrated and prioritized them based on business impact.

Tool Selection and Setup:

  • Chose Make.com due to its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and robust integration capabilities.
  • Set up Make.com accounts and configured initial settings.

Workflow Recreation and Optimization:

  • Recreated and optimized 400 Zaps within three weeks, significantly reducing the number of individual automations.
  • Refactored specific processes to improve efficiency and performance.

Testing and Validation:

  • Rigorously tested each migrated workflow to ensure it performed as expected.
  • Conducted parallel runs of both Zapier and Make.com workflows to validate performance and accuracy.

Training and Documentation:

  • Provided training sessions for the team to familiarize them with Make.com’s interface and capabilities.
  • Created comprehensive documentation for the newly set up workflows and automations.

Full Transition and Monitoring:

  • Fully transitioned to Make.com after successful testing.

Implemented a state-of-the-art monitoring system to check automations every 15 minutes, 24/7, resulting in immediate troubleshooting and improved client experience.


The migration to Make.com resulted in several significant benefits for the client:

Cost Reduction: Achieved a 70% reduction in operational costs, allowing the client to reallocate budget to other critical areas, providing a one-month return on investment.

Improved Flexibility: Make.com’s advanced customization options enabled more tailored and efficient workflows.

Defect Resolution: 90% of defects were solved within 20 minutes, and the number of lost leads was reduced to zero.

Enhanced Scalability: The new platform handled the increased volume of tasks without performance issues, supporting the company’s growth.

Simplified Workflow Management: The user-friendly interface and advanced features of Make.com simplified workflow management and troubleshooting.

Broader Integration Capabilities: The company was able to leverage a wider range of integrations, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

21 Days to Deliver: Successfully migrated 400 Zaps within the planned timeframe.


Migrating from Zapier to Make.com proved to be a strategic decision for the marketing agency. The process, though complex, was managed effectively through meticulous planning and execution. The result was a more cost-effective, flexible, and scalable automation environment that supported the client’s continued growth and operational efficiency. The substantial reduction in operational costs and the improvement in workflow management have positioned the client for sustained success in the competitive real estate financial brokerage market.

Contact us to explore how we can tailor our solutions to streamline your operations and drive your business forward: sales@vatech.io

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