June 25, 2024

Managing HubSpot for Lead Processing and Automation

Managing HubSpot for Lead Processing and Automation

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Client Overview

The client is a leading EdTech company with a significant presence in the online education sector. Renowned for its innovative learning solutions and extensive course offerings, the company serves millions of students and educators worldwide. With a focus on delivering high-quality educational content, the client sought to enhance their lead management and customer engagement processes to sustain growth and improve operational efficiency in a highly competitive market.


The client faced several challenges that impeded their lead management and overall efficiency:

  1. Inefficient Lead Processing: Handling and scoring leads manually was time-consuming and prone to errors.
  2. Delayed Follow-ups: Inconsistent and delayed follow-ups with leads resulted in lost opportunities.
  3. Fragmented Systems: Multiple tools for different processes led to data silos and workflow inefficiencies.
  4. Limited Segmentation: Inadequate segmentation of leads hindered personalized marketing efforts.
  5. Webinar Management: Tracking webinar registrations and attendance was cumbersome.
  6. Email Campaign Effectiveness: Low engagement rates in email campaigns due to lack of automation and personalization.

Solution Provided by Value Added Tech

To address these challenges, the client implemented HubSpot, leveraging its comprehensive features and integrations.

Lead Form Handling

  • Automation: Lead information from landing page forms is automatically entered into HubSpot.
  • Scoring: Leads are scored based on a predefined formula, ensuring prioritization of high-potential leads.

Incoming Lead Processing

  • Instant Callback (ICB): Leads opting for instant callback are directed to Five9 for immediate follow-up, with lead scoring updated accordingly.
  • Scheduled Callback: For scheduled calls, HubSpot records the time, sends reminders, and updates lead scores.

Internal Automations

  • Task Assignments: Automatic follow-up task assignments based on lead scores.
  • Notifications: Alerts and reminders are sent via Slack to ensure timely actions.

Webinar Management

  • Registration and Attendance Tracking: HubSpot records webinar sign-ups and tracks attendance, automating follow-up actions based on engagement.

Lead Segmentation

  • Advanced Segmentation: Leads are segmented using criteria like demographics, behavioral data, and lead source, allowing for personalized marketing strategies.

Email Campaigns

  • Automated Emails: A variety of automated email campaigns, including reminders, no-show follow-ups, and promotional emails, are managed through HubSpot.


The implementation of HubSpot and the strategic use of its automation features led to significant improvements:

  1. Lead Response Time: Reduced by 50%, enhancing lead engagement and conversion.
  2. Conversion Rate: Increased by 35% due to effective lead scoring and personalized follow-ups.
  3. Webinar Attendance: Improved by 40% through automated reminders and follow-ups.
  4. Task Efficiency: 60% reduction in manual tasks, freeing up resources for more strategic activities.
  5. Email Campaign Engagement: Open rates increased by 25%, and click-through rates by 15%, indicating better-targeted and more engaging content.
  6. Meeting Bookings: The company now books over 200 meetings daily.
  7. Lead Processing: More than 6,000 leads are processed weekly.


The integration of HubSpot provided the client with a powerful toolset to streamline lead processing, enhance automation, and drive better marketing outcomes. By addressing the key challenges and implementing strategic solutions, the client saw notable improvements in efficiency, engagement, and conversion rates, proving the value of a well-implemented CRM system.

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