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CRM, ERP and e-com implementation.

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Shopify and Make.com Case study hero
case study

Why automating Shopify

Case study on how we automated an e-shop with a 1 month ROI.

Product Onboarding Optimization

See how we reduced the time required to onboard a new product from 7 days to just 1 day.

AI-Driven Product Description

Check out how we used ChatGPT for to save $5000 monthly

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Read real reviews from our satisfied customers

I've been working with Value Added Tech for over 3 years now on several projects. Anton contributed to our growth in different roles: as a pre-sales consultant in early-stage opportunities, a sparring partner before complex technical conversations and ultimately, as trusted advisor throughout ongoing customer relationships.

This team is very responsive and pro-active. They do not just "deliver" but challenge, think ahead and co-design solutions together with partners & customers.

I'm happy we have Anton on board and I can definitely recommend working with him!

Kevan Spindler avatar
Kevin Spindler
eCommerce Shipping & Logistics @ Sendcloud

I was always confident when working with Value Added Tech.

They had the ability to think logically to get the results needed. I would have no problem recommending Value Added Tech to anyone looking for a top tier implementations for technical projects.

Michael Liddicoat avatar
Michael Liddicoat
COO @ direct2deals

Value Added Tech and I collaborated to automate processes for my real estate company, and it was a huge success.

Their automation skills were essential in optimizing our operations and making our business more productive. Anton grasped our needs quickly and created a tailored solution that fit our criteria. His proficiency in real estate automation was a great boon to our team.

One of the most reliable experts in automations and integrations. Can help strategize and come up with high level solutions as well as get into the weeds to solve highly complex and technical problems. Has been my go-to team for years now with these complex projects.

Harold Riley avatar
Harold Riley
Director of Digital Technologies & Innovation at The Allen Morris Company

Anton was the perfect leader and his team is top-notch. We had a great time working together on system automation, and it really boosted our planned growth.

I'd totally recommend Value Added Tech for anyone who values their time and wants a pro attitude throughout a project!

David Rodas Krumme avatar
David Rodas Krumme
Sales and Customer Success Manager @ Home Service Financing

I had the pleasure of working with Anton on automation services on multiple projects for my company. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with the best solutions for our needs. His attention to detail and dedication to the project was outstanding. He was always available to answer questions and provide guidance. I highly recommend Anton for any automation services. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Kirby Hazeleger avatar
Kirby Hazeleger
Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Sendcloud

I highly recommend Value Added Tech for no-code automation services. They are reliable, knowledgeable, and provide great customer service.

Anton significantly improved how our company managed our systems & automations.

Waira Mendoza Angle avatar
Waira Mendoza Angle
Chief Product Officer @ Contractor Independence Marketing
Our expertise

Top-notch service

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Marketing automations

We implemented a dozen projects involving ads optimization and reporting, outbound marketing automation, and AI-based solutions.

e-commerce automation interface
Enterprise automations
Unlock efficiency and innovation with our Enterprise Business Process Automation Services. Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into your operations, streamlining workflows, and reducing costs. From robotic process automation to AI-driven solutions, we optimize your processes, empowering your enterprise to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. Elevate productivity and competitiveness with us.
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Excelent support

Our in-house support system allows us to automatically monitor 1000+ scenarios and automatically fix most errors, ensuring stable operation.

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Running an ecommerce business on Shopify can be time-consuming with so many tasks to manage. Our Shopify automation services streamline repetitive jobs, allowing you to focus on business growth. We automate store setup, product uploads, design, pricing updates, and more.

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CRM and Sales automation

We are experts in CRM setup and optimization. Our favorite CRM apps include HubSpot, Salesforce, and GHL. We combine our expertise with deep knowledge of call-center operations.


Meet the executive team

Anton has 7 years of automation experience working with the world's largest companies, including European firms such as Nestlé, Moneta, and others.
During his career, he gained deep knowledge in automating various business areas

Nikita is in charge of enterprise partnerships, leveraging his experience in business process analysis, design, and implementation of custom solutions. His career path is built on six years of experience in Operations Business Services in the financial domain and technology consulting.
Nikita is an expert in Salesforce and enterprise implementation consulting for companies like Deloitte, Make.com, and Bodycote

Nikita Popushoi avatar
Nikita Popushoi
Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Nikita is an experienced sales and marketing director within the consultative market, successfully delivering financial results and best-in-class customer experiences across North America and Europe. He also brings a deep expertise in EdTech, enhancing educational platforms through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing strategies


Our favourite tools

We've integrated hundreds of different tools but these 8 are our favourites.
Combined Saas subscription worth of our clients is more than $1.5m a year. We make every dollar count.


We are proud to be Make.com partners with the best expertise on the market.


With the proven track of records we help our clients to make $100m in revenue each year.


We use and implement generative models to be one-step ahead.


Where the work happens. So true!


7 years working with Airtable and counting. We know how to get the most out of this tool.


Create, commit to, and manage your agreements all in one collaborative platform with Intelligent Agreement Management.


Our team members helped to implement this CRM system for the biggest consulting companies in the world.


We build CRM setups able to process 500k+ leads a year efficiently.